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Aug 19,  · Apartment Championship Wrestling has released the first in a new line of videos from its new series “Behind the Mask.”. The first episode is called “The Rise and Fall of Alex Del Monacco” and looks at the career of one of the greatest catfighters in history. A preview of the video can be seen below . ACW Video Series Volume Ten. Apartment Championship Wrestling World Championship. The ACW World Championship is considered the premier title belt in the world of catfighting, a symbol of technical supremacy. Defending around the world, the championship was the envy of thousands of catfighters around the world and culminated in an influx of new wrestlers in the sport.

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apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips

In this clip you will see two extremely beautiful women doing wrestling and slugging fight in an apartment setting. Newcomer Lexxi, attired in yellow string gymnastic leotard and shiny silver suit beneath fights with stunning Stella, who looks ravishing in her blue string leotard and red leggings. The fight starts on the couch and soon both girls administer many body- and neck scissorholds to each other as well as painful belly punching and dirty attacks until one is choked into unconsciousness!

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apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips

Apartment Championship Wrestling offers the best action scenes from the top catfighting promotion in the world. The hottest catfight stars, including 00Heaven, Daniella Cartier, Galas Looner, Alex Del Monacco, Megan Jones and Katie Cummings provide a look into the world of apartment house wrestling and the best in catfight action. The D-Cup Championship was conceived by a consortium of catfighting enthusiasts looking to spark interest in the world of apartment wrestling. Styled after the Super J Cup tournament in pro wrestling, the D-Cup tournament takes place in Japan each year and its competitors a generally the most well-endowed participants from each promotion.

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What appears on the following pages is my magazine dedicated to female fighting in general and apartment wrestling in particular. Each issue contains a new and original apartment house wrestling story featuring the most beautiful female fighters of today, along with a reprint of a classic apartment house wrestling story from Sports Review Wrestling magazine.

Also, toons, reader surveys, photo galleries and more. Each issue is available absolutely free. There is no charge to enjoy the finest in apartment house wrestling available today. Instead, AHW Magazine relies solely on customer donations. If you like the ‘zine, then please donate to help keep the issues coming. Use the link at the top of the cover page or off the table of contents to donate via PayPal. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.

It will take you to the magazine rack, where thumbnail-sized covers show the issues available. Click on the cover to enter the magazine at the table of contents page, then read and enjoy. If these things may offend you, if you are under 18 years of age, if these things are not allowed in your area, please do not continue past this point. Otherwise, click on the link below and have a nice time.

apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips apartment championship wrestling clips

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