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The Arabs, numbering up to million people, are one of the largest nations in the world. The ancestors of contemporary Arabs have inhabited the territory of the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times. In the 7th century A. Mingling with the local population, the Arabs formed the Arab world, which still exists today thanks to the unity of language and religion,.

Many people believe that all Arab girls have dark hair, tanned skin, and hazel eyes. This is not so, because due to the blood mixing, most hot Arab women look like Europeans, but they have a particular oriental twist.

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France 24 is not responsible for the content of external websites. In Italy, the most common search typed into porn sites is “mum”. In France, it’s “beurette”, a colloquial term for French women with a North African background. In Egypt, it’s the word “Arabic” which is the most frequently searched, according to Google Trends , pointing to a preference for videos that show women wearing the veil having sex or carrying out sex acts.

In Egypt, people can access porn sites freely. Attempts by former governments to ban them have all failed. Independent and politically engaged media like Mada Masr are blocked, but not porn sites.

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