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I made a machine using the parts I purchased from a web site called orgasm alley a dollar speed control, and a dollar motor, I welded my own frame work, it can be adjusted for height, its portable, not to brag or anything but it kicks ass, or should i say well you know it is a fuck machine, if anyone needs parts I recommend orgasm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. you need to transform rotation to piston action, will have small strokes together with long strokes, unique.

So many useless machines are built, why building another one? Simply, it is really fun : , fun to build and fun to play with. I tried to give this version a character, as I always felt there is somebody “thinking inside the box”, so here I tried, I hope I succeeded to give “her” a life! I am really happy to share with you all the steps, with all hopes that you will be easily building yours and giving it a bitter or better character!

My version is based on Arduino, you may think it is an overkill, but given the flexibility it gave me, I think it is worth it. Here is a video of everything put all together.

how to build sex machine how to build sex machine how to build sex machine

Fuck machines looked like too much hassle to me. Why would I get one if I had dildos and vibrators and other fun thingies? Since trying it out, I looove having it in the bedroom with my boyfriend. I feel so empowered when using them. So no, this is not something only trashy aged porn stars use on those trashy adult comedy shows. This is something that I immensely enjoy using alone and with my partner.

And you will, too, trust me on this!

how to build sex machine how to build sex machine how to build sex machine

Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer. If Amazon reviews are indicative of the sex machine community at large, those are exactly the type of people you want around if you ever need to escape a hostage situation with only two paperclips and an apple corer. Maybe it seems intuitive that the same people who have sex with machines would be gear heads, but Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. How To Build A Sex Machine (Highly Recommended) It would be a shame if you missed on the customized version of a sex machine! My boyfriend put together one for me and he shared the details and the products he used. This is perfect for all of you who want to use a fuck machine, but find the prices a bit hefty. Saddle Method (Under $!).

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how to build sex machine how to build sex machine how to build sex machine

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