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Marceline Marceline the Vampire Queen Marceline Adventure Time adventuretime Adventure Time Adventure babygirl babies monster land of ooo horse river funny notes Sep 23rd, Open in app. See a recent post on Tumblr from @fushireal about marceline. Discover more posts about marceline the vampire queen, marceline abadeer, bonnibel bubblegum, princess bubblegum, adventure time distant lands, adventure time fanart, and marceline.

Gunter is the penguin that most commonly accompanies the Ice King. The Ice King uses Gunter as his personal servant, whereas the other penguins working for the Ice King are essentially slaves. He then married Turtle Princess and later became the future ruler of the Ice Kingdom , later known as the Ice Thingdom.

In the episode Gold Stars while The Lich was giving his speech about existence among the monsters seen before time Orgalorg appeared there, he was the smallest one there, somehow he made his way into the earth dimension. The powerful space deity named Orgalorg was banished by Grob Gob Glob Grod to Earth thousands of years ago for trying to absorb the power of a catalyst comet and rule the solar system. The planet’s gravity condensed Orgalorg into a powerless and amnesiac penguin-like form, and they wandered the Earth for centuries, eventually stumbling upon the Ice King.

In ” What is Life?

marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr

This is a malhnourished shitty felt spamton that was born from this twitter post i stumbled into right when i was needle felting and i had to drop everything and do it. Shadow Weaver could have betrayed everyone at any time, but never did, not even when Horde Prime showed up. Then of course she sacrifices herself to save Catra, of all people! Catra, who she treated like garbage trash, tortured, tormented, left for dead, basically anything.

But Adora and Catra clearly meant something to her, as their surrogate mother. The scene with Mara was so satisfying and yet sad, after all this time we finally get to see her in She Ra form, standing side by side with Adora, and….

marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr

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Marceline Rose Abadeer full title: Marceline, The Vampire Queen is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and a vampire that is over a millennium old. During Finn and Jake ‘s first encounters with her, she requests that they leave wherever they are as the areas belong to her. Though initially an enemy to them, she quickly becomes one of Finn and Jake’s closest friends.

Marceline’s earliest depicted childhood memory, in “Everything Stays”, is of her living in a trailer with her human mother, who recounts to her the story of how she met her father. In “Memory of a Memory”, one of Marceline’s memories shows her as a young girl playing near the burning ruins of a city, presumably during the.

Later on in “I Remember You,” a flashback shows a young Marceline being given a doll, which she eventually named Hambo, by Simon Petrikov—who would later become the Ice King—to comfort her during the war. The two traveled together through the ruins of destroyed cities for some time, a relationship which is expanded on in “Simon and Marcy”; by the events of this episode, she is apparently 7 years old, as stated by Simon.

This companionship lasted until Simon, in the final stages of his permanent descent into madness, eventually left Marceline for her own safety, promising to send somebody to guard her, a memory depicted in “Everything Stays”. After his departure, Simon presumably somehow managed to reunite Marceline with Hunson, as revealed in the Adventure Time: Spooktacular. As a teenager, Marceline’s relationship with her father was damaged when he ate her fries in the ruins of a diner.

She later sang about this event in her “Fry Song”. In “Vamps About”, Marceline is shown to have spent some time after this event wandering with her pet dog Scwabl, staking vampires to protect humans and fill the void left by Simon’s departure. She befriends a tribe of humans and, in an attempt to protect them, gets bitten by the Vampire King just as he is staked by her, turning her into the Vampire Queen. Following these events, the first depicted memory of her life as a vampire is when she moved into the Tree Fort that would later become Finn and Jake’s home with her boyfriend Ash, whom she would later dump for selling Hambo, her most prized possession, to Maja the Sky Witch.

However, according to Natasha Allegri, she was actually lying and trying to show off.

marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr marceline adventure time tumblr

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