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While the type and quality of content you produce will be essential in attracting new viewers, there are other variables in the equation that will convince them to stay. Twitch chat is arguably one of the most impactful features of a stream, so much so that there will be viewers tuning in just to hang out in your chat. The chat portion of a stream is usually glued next to the visual feeds, but keeping an eye on it might turn into a cumbersome task when viewers switch to watching your stream on full screen.

If you decide to go with the transparent chat widget of SLOBS, spending some time optimizing how your chat looks might help viewers enjoy your stream even more. Amid air quality concerns, districts embrace electric buses.

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Biden says he will consider ‘doing away’ with the filibuster. Biden admits it was wrong to say Steve Bannon should be charged. Leighton Meester catches some waves in wetsuit and a floppy hat. Kim Kardashian’s children throw her a ‘lit’ 41st birthday party. Kylie Jenner flaunts impressive closet full of heels and bags. Jasmine Tookes dances in white tee and jeans with black blazer. Celeste Barber hilariously imitates Kylie Jenner’s bikini video.

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