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Anchor™ Food Professionals Sharp and Vintage Cheddar cheeses start with milk from pasture grazed cows in New Zealand, free from antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. That commitment to quality results in Cheddar cheeses with a beautiful yellow color, sharp flavor and appealing texture. read less. Mar 27,  · The pack design also celebrated the fact that Anchor® cheddar is slowly matured for a richer fuller flavour – indicating the time and quality that goes into making the cheese.” “Ensuring that the pack design was effective as well as attractive, Elmwood used rich, opulent colours to communicate the richness and fullness of the flavour.

We have a wide range of tasty, stretchy, and creamy cheeses to try. All you need to do is pick your favourite, add it in or sprinkle it on and enjoy. A delicate flavour, with a smooth firm texture and a fresh nutty and slightly savoury aroma. A very hard, dense cheese, pale whitish yellow in colour with a mature sharp flavour.

A mild, Italian style cheese that is boiled and stretched to give it a stretchy quality when melted. This is a firm aged cheddar matured for up to 12 months to develop a full-bodied flavour.

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The cheddar must be aged for at least 14 months to create just the right firmness and that rugged crumbly texture we so love. After 14 months the flavour develops into a powerful yet subtle balance between full and creamy and bold and punchy, an extra mature cheddar that will keep you chopping at the block.

A commanding cheese that stands out, a real piece of cheese fit for a real King. Use it in your cooking, your snacks or just on its own with a glass of something strong! In the year upon a cold stone near what is now the Peel of Lumphanan, King MacBeth lost his head. That was the brutal end for one of the last Celtic Kings of Scotland. He fought for his Kingdom, defended his nation and governed well for 17 years.

anchor extra mature cheddar anchor extra mature cheddar anchor extra mature cheddar

Anchor Extra Mature Cheddar – cheese 영양 성분 및 영양 정보. loverssite.in에서 Anchor Extra Mature Cheddar – cheese의 칼로리, 탄수화물 및 영양 성분과 . There are calories in g ( g) Mature Cheddar; click to get full nutrition facts and other serving sizes.

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By Staff Writer in Chilled 4th February In the felt cut out style of the Anchor brand campaign, it features a little grey mouse falling in love with a free range cow because her milk makes such delicious cheese. Like Anchor butter, Anchor Cheddar is made exclusively from milk from free range cows and is naturally slow-matured over months to give it an authentic full, smooth flavour. The new design reinforces its free range status and the new pack incorporates a handy recloseable seal to keep the product fresh.

We believe this is a really positive time to be pushing the free range message and we have every confidence that Anchor Cheddar can be a much bigger cheese. Tagged with: advertising campaigns anchor cheese. By using this website you are consenting to the use of cookies. Talking Retail is owned by Metropolis International Group Limited, a member of the Metropolis Group; you can view our privacy and cookies policy here.

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anchor extra mature cheddar anchor extra mature cheddar anchor extra mature cheddar

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