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Feb 09,  · Are you thinking about putting in a tampon but aren’t sure how to do it? I discuss step by step, with two different demos so you will know exactly how to pu. Dec 10,  · ♥ Check out tampon suggestions below! ♥Wearing a tampon for the 1st time can be a bit nerve wrecking and confusing, it sure was for me! Today I am going to s Missing: tutorial.

Insert a tampon in 4 easy steps By the end of this How-To guide, you will learn the parts of a tampon, where it goes inside your body, and how to insert a tampon with an applicator. Can you identify these parts on your tampon? A tampon has two parts: the tampon and the string. The applicator has three parts: the barrel, grip, plunger.

Cardboard or plastic, every applicator will have the same parts. To use the applicator, you hold on to the grip, insert the barrel inside your vaginal opening and push the plunger into the barrel to push out of the applicator. That’s basically how an applicator is used.

tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video

Every woman has a tampon story to tell. Some are terribly sad, some uneventful, and some are surprisingly hilarious. Your own personal story is a useful tool for starting this awkward conversations. In all seriousness, girls do need specific guidance when trying them for the first time. Here are a few pointers so you can give your daughter specific and helpful advice on how to insert a tampon.

Show her a diagram with a side-view of the female reproductive system and point out the angle of the vagina and how it slants towards the spine. It helps if she holds the tampon at a degree angle as she inserts it.

tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video

Feb 24,  · How to Insert Tampon Video loverssite.in shows you step by step to use a tampon for a teenage girl who has her first period. Menstrual cycle. Jan 20,  · So I am Ready One Video For You That is Publish on My Website YouTube Channel “ Health Daily Advice”. In This Video I am Show The Live Demo How to Put in a Tampons: So Let’s Started: Here is The Video, Click and Watch The Video: So, I Hope You Like The Video, and it,s Really Helpful For You. Please Must Comment, and Share Your feedback.

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tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video tampon tutorial video

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