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Apr 28,  · A total disaster. F*cked up beyond all recognition F*cked up beyond all repair. The “wrap around” technique is where you stay up all night until, say, 10pm the next day. You force yourself to go to bed at 10pm from then on. This doesn’t work. If you stay up all night you get “sleep debt” and you will end up requiring more .

What You Need :. Ace , two or three : Drink the number drawn. Example: If you draw a two, take two shots, or two swigs of your beer. Four: Questions. Make eye contact with another player, and ask him or her a question. That person continues by turning to another player, making eye contact, and asking a question.

fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition

Every day at 6 pm a serial killer kills a different person. Police officer Helena Rus decides to find the killer by researching about 18th century history of the city. Votes: 4, Police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences. Votes: 26, Votes: 13,

fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition

Human extinction is the hypothetical end of the human species due to either natural causes such as an asteroid impact or large-scale volcanism, or anthropogenic (human) causes, also known as loverssite.in the latter, some of the many possible contributors include climate change, global nuclear annihilation, biological warfare and ecological loverssite.in scenarios center on . Oct 04,  · Clearview AI Says It Can Do the ‘Computer Enhance’ Thing The co-founder and CEO of the sketchy face-recognition firm, Hoan Ton-That, says it’s working on “deblur” and “mask removal” tools.

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Clearview AI has reportedly landed contracts with over 3, police and government customers including 11 federal agencies , which it says use the technology to identify suspects when it might otherwise be impossible. Air Force. In an interview with Wired on Monday, Ton-That claimed that Clearview has now scraped over 10 billion images from the open web for use in its face recognition database.

According to the CEO, the company is also rolling out a number of machine learning features, including one that uses AI to reconstruct faces that are obscured by masks. The mask removal feature uses statistical patterns found in other images to guess what a person might look like under a mask. In both cases, Clearview would essentially be offering informed guesswork.

I mean, what could go wrong? The latest and greatest iPad Upgrade your tablet to what Gizmodo called “basically a perfect piece of hardware. As Wired noted, quite a lot. For example, existing face recognition tools have been repeatedly assessed as riddled with racial , gender , and other biases , and police have reported extremely high failure rates in its use in criminal investigations.

My intention with this technology is always to have it under human control. When AI gets it wrong it is checked by a person.

fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition fucked up beyond all recognition

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